"Fine Tune Friday" Clinic


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Regional Victoria Reining’s ‘Fine Tune Friday’ clinic was the lead into their first Reining Australia Qualifying Show, A New Spin, held at Tatura Park. Victorian Trainers Kate Elliott, Steph Lancefield, David Norbury and Gary Brown came together and volunteered their time to help kick start the new club. It was a fantastic day that saw riders from several disciplines including Reining, Cutting, Camp drafting, Dressage, Rodeo and contestants competing in Australia’s Greatest Horsewoman come together to brush up on their skills as they rotated between the trainers throughout the day. There were lots of laughs as trainers requested participants to step out of their comfort zone while trying to achieve reining maneuvers in a different way. After each participant had time with each trainer, then they were asked to put what they had learned into practice. Kate Elliott jumped into the judges chair with Kerri – Ann Hobbs acted as her scribe while everyone took a turn getting a score, or not, running Reining pattern five while Steph Lancefield and David Norbury gave everyone one a debrief of their run and how they could have improved it. Regional Victoria Reining will be hosting another Fine Tune Friday in the 23rd of July, the day before the Qualifying Show ‘Slide Into Nationals’ on the 24th July again at Tatura Park.

Photo Credit to Brendon Murray

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