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Dazzle is truely one of a kind. He has taken my daughter from trotting x rails at 5 to cantering around 55 out and 65/70 at home. He loves cantering around our property with my daughter and my WB and I. He has absolutely NO bolt! She rides him around with loops in her reins. Soft snaffle mouth. He is the ultimate all rounder farm pony used to goats, sheep, cows, motorbikes, tractors, buggies etc. Impeccable ground manners and handled and led by my 3 year old son. He loves pony club and excels in showjumping, cross country, flat (rounds up beautifully) and games. He is a true kids pony.. I won’t sell him to a home where an adult would be ‘tuning’ him. This won’t be a rushed sale and he will be sold only to the absolute best of homes where he will be enjoyed and cherished as he deserves. He is a very special pony. Will not be sold sight unseen and will come with his bridle, complete wardrobe of beautiful rugs and boots.

Lots of public video available on Facebook and Instagram 'Beccy Cloke'.


Rider level:
Yarra Valley, VIC, 3432
Suitable for:
Pony Club

exclmation mark

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