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10,000 members: The Secret behind the Success of Tristan Tucker's TRT Method

TRT Method

"It’s nice when you can help someone in a one-on-one training, but it’s even better when you can reach riders all over the world who don’t have the possibility to come and train with you."

Those were the exact words Tristan Tucker shared with us in an article on Eurodressage. He had just launched his online training platform TRTmethod. Now, five years later, his online training platform has reached its 10.000th member.

What is the secret behind the success of TRTmethod? It’s time to catch up with Tristan.

The Secret Behind the Success

Tristan, originally from Australia, is located in the Netherlands where he runs his stable together with his wife, Grand Prix dressage rider Katja Gevers.

Given Tristan’s specialisation in training sensitive horses and teaching them to feel relaxed in any situation, after moving to Europe and settling in the Netherlands it didn’t take long for his entire stable to be filled with training horses and to have a long waiting list for lessons.

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