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5 minutes with... Charlotte Mansley

This article is from the March 2020 Horse Deals magazine.

Ace Photography

Ace Photography

How old are you and how would you describe yourself? I am 15 years old and quiet and easy-going.

What’s your proudest achievement? My proudest horse riding moment would have been when I got 12-14 years AQHA Youth High Point of Australia and my proudest school moment would have been getting five academics and two merits.

What’s your worst riding habit? Not getting my heels down enough.

What’s your most used app? Spotify, I spend most of my time listening to music.

Who’s your equestrian idol? Rachel Elliott, even though she is not a professional, she is super talented, a soft beautiful rider and like a big sister to me. Rachel and her mum Carol help and support me a lot in the world of western. I know I can go to her and ask her anything about a trail course or a horsemanship or showmanship pattern.   

What’s your after-school ritual? Get home and raid the cupboard for food, homework then horses. 

Among your friends, what are you best known for? Among my school friends, it’s for horse riding and for always being there to listen to them. Among my horse friends though I am known for always including people.

What’s been your worst riding injury? I am very lucky and have never had anything too serious, but one time when I was lunging Billy at Werribee Park, he got a bit excited, took off, I went flying through the air and face planted and ended up with a black eye and a minor concussion.

What is the best gift you have ever been given? An SRS Training saddle for Christmas, which I can train in and use for ranch riding.

If you didn’t ride, what sport would you be doing? I would probably be playing soccer or hockey. 

Who’s your favourite YouTuber? Probably Shane Dawson because I love all the investigation series he does.

If you could ban one vegetable forever, what would it be? I like vegetables, but I would probably ban peas.

What do you want to do when you finish school? I want to be an accountant because I am good with numbers and analytical, and I can always do it on the road while I am competing. 

What’s your favourite competition item? My Blue Ribbon Show Saddle. 

Favourite horse you have ridden and why? I love all of my horses, but one of the most memorable rides I have had was at NPHA 2019 when I got to ride Ampleur Hot To Trot owned by Raelene Gilboy and Amelia Jane in the Youth Feature Hunter Under Saddle. I ended up coming Reserve but it was still an amazing experience that I am very grateful for.

What do you dream to achieve? To learn how to do reining and also train and compete in America to improve my riding.

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