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American-Israeli equestrian becomes fashion icon on her way to the Olympics

Danielle Goldstein is more than just a show jumper with a unique sense of style. She's a serious contender for a gold medal.

Ten days ago, Danielle Goldstein had the kind of picture-perfect wedding you'd find in bridal magazines. It took place on a private yacht off the coast of Italy. She was dressed in a haute couture wedding gown by designer Roberto Cavalli and surrounded by dozens of friends and family.

So when we caught up with her today, less than two weeks later, you'd think she'd be recovering from her honeymoon, opening presents or looking through her wedding album. Instead, she has spent just about every moment since the nuptials training eight hours per day for what she hopes will be a career-defining moment. In two weeks, Goldstein will be competing to qualify for the Olympics.

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*Article written by: Benyamin Cohen *

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