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Americans Reign Supreme but Aussies do us Proud

Reining was a major focus at the FEI World Equestrian Games today and whilst the Americans dominated in their usual style winning their fifth Team Gold Medal the Australian riders did themselves and us proud.

Robyn Schiller achieved a personal best with Smart Like Steady and was over the moon.

Aged 14, he’s the oldest horse taking part in the competition and she has only owned him since last December.

“We bought him to qualify on then I decided he was to be my horse. I’m blown away pleased with how he went. I’m still floating,” said Schiller.

Her husband Warwick also had a great run riding Plenty of Guns.

Renowned horseman Dan James is competing at his first FEI World Equestrian Games and admitted he still has a bit to learn at this elite level of competition.

“It was nerve wracking. Some parts didn’t go as well as I hoped but the atmosphere was electric,” said James.

His Palomino horse known around the barn as ‘Vegemite’ has gained a cult following since emerging at WEG this week.

“He’s a yellow horse hence the name as Vegemite has a yellow label. He’s a bit of a character and shown a lot in a small amount of time.”

As well as competing, James will be entertaining the huge spectator crowds during WEG with his team of liberty and performance horses.

“I’m excited to be able to share what we do with our horses.”

The top 15 riders from today’s class will automatically will make their way to the Individual Competition vying for the prestigious FEI medals. The top five riders from the second qualifier which will be held on Thursday, will also earn their chance to get on the podium.

Final scores for the Australian Reining Team today;

Robyn Schiller/Smart Like Steady – 218.0

Martin Larcombe/Colonels Smart Spook – 216.5

Dan James/Dom Magnum – 203.5

Warwick Schiller/Plenty of Guns – 217.0

Shauna Larcombe/Designed with Shine – 221.5

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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