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An Injury Should Have Ended Alice Debany Clero’s Career. But She’s Back And Even Better Than Before.

Two years ago, Alice Debany Clero was fine-tuning an unruly youngster as a favor to an old friend. In preparation for the upcoming Jumping International de La Baule, Alice popped over a few jumps on the lush green meadow overlooking the stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean at her stone farm, Le Créno, in Assérac, France. Feeling fresh, the young horse let out a few bucks. With the show a few days away, Alice made the decision to call it a day and dismount to save her battered knee, which was badly damaged in a previous fall.

“I remember the horse was just bucking lightly and I could have stayed on but I said to myself, ‘Well, I have La Baule in a couple of days, much better if I just pop down on my feet,’” Alice recalls. “And I am quite good at that, being a gymnast I still think I am. I like to trampoline and walk on my hands and do whatever a 50-year-old woman probably should not be doing.”

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Article written by: Martin Dokoupil

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