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Andresen Wins Appeal in 6-Year Legal Battle over Handsome O

Norwegian Kristin Andresen persevered in her resilience to finish her legal battle in the Handsome O case. The Dutch Appeal court ruled in her favour on 20 April 2021.

Handsome O

Handsome O (by Johnson x Rousseau) was named champion at the 2015 KWPN Stallion Licensing. He is bred by P. Oosterbosch and was presented at the licensing by his owner at the time, Jan Brouwer of stable Purioso Hoeve.

The bright bay stallion sold at auction for 300,000 euro to Norwegian Kristin Andresen. It was was one of the highest selling prices in the history of the KWPN Select Sale auction.


Almost a week after Handsome O’s arrival at Katrinelund, Andresen was informed by stallion keeper Ib Kirk that her horse showed a deviating step to the right hind leg.

The horse was diagnosed in Denmark with stringhalt.

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