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Australian Team Ready for International Pony Club Quiz Competition

A global pandemic has not stopped Pony Clubs from several countries meeting up for an international Pony Club Quiz Championship this Saturday December 5, 2020.

Thanks to the powers of Zoom meetings, up to six teams from around the world will gather around their computers for the chance to win for their country.

Australian team manager Kim Ward says the event will take place at 9am (AEDT) which is a bonus for Australia; the UK team which is hosting the competition will be competing at 10pm their time.

Ms Ward said other teams will be from the UK, Canada and Hong Kong, with Ireland and the USA also expected to be present.

Due to the need to have all entrants in the one room, like a standard Pony Club Quiz event, Australia will be represented by the talented Healesville Pony Club, from Victoria, rather than members selected from around Australia. But, Ms Ward said, it is a very strong team nonetheless.

The team is :
• Manon Schey, 22, a member of the InterPacific Quiz Team in 2019, and a member of the 3rd-placed Senior Quiz Team at Pony Club Australia Nationals in 2019. She is studying for her A Certificate and is the president of Healesville Pony Club.
• Abi van Bergeijk, 19, a member of the 3rd placed Senior Quiz Team at Nationals 2019 and a past president of her club's Junior Committee
• Kira Hetherton, 18, a member of the winning Junior Quiz Team at the Nationals 2019.
• Rebecca Goodwin, 22, Pony Clubber of the Year 2018 - Healesville Pony Club.

Manager Kim Ward is the current Chairperson of the PCA National Quiz Committee, a PCA NCAS Preliminary Coach, Manager of PCA International Quiz Team Canada 2017 and a Life Member Yarra Glen Pony Club. She will be assisted by Lani Hetherton the current vice president and past president of Healesville Pony Club.

Quiz is rapidly growing in popularity in Australian Pony Clubs, since Pony Club Australia sent its first overseas to compete in 2014.

Normally entrants are quizzed in several phases – some of which are played as individuals and some played as teams, and some written, some with verbal answers and some practical tests.

This time due to the international competition being online for the first time, there will be six rounds of 10 questions. The topics will include testing knowledge on equine first aid, the Olympics, respiratory system of horses, and native and rare breeds.

For photos of the team please see the December issue of our newsletter.

More information:
Dr Catherine Ainsworth
CEO, Pony Club Australia
m: 0438 174 222

Bronwyn Wheatley
Marketing and Development Officer
M: 0423 823 190

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