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Back to basics for George Morris students at Yandoo Park

It was a beautiful Autumn day at Yandoo Park for Day One of a three day clinic by legendary coach George Morris. Following on from a successful clinic at Roycroft Stables in Mt White last week, Morris taught a number of our top riders today and we arrived in time to see the start of a class consisting of Tom McDermott, Jamie Winning Kermond, Madeline Sinderberry, James Arkins, Melissa Blair and Aaron Hadlow.

Morris is a master of teaching both the horse and the rider and it is not surprising that spectators were as absorbed in his words as the participants of the class. We soaked up his advice as he reinforced in the riders the correct position for hands and his technique for getting the horse light in the hand including asking the horses to first walk then trot with shoulder in and shoulder out and then a series of downward transitions.

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