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Born to Ride: How Equestrian and Olympic Hopeful Jessica Springsteen Became a Boss on the Course

The 27 year old and her horse Zecile finished first place in Saint-Tropez's Longines Global Champions Tour in September.

On a recent Wednesday, the 12-year-old mare was surrounded by the kind of conditions you couldn’t order if you tried: sun suspended in a cloudless sky, the Mediterranean’s waves lapping vast stretches of white sand, summer heat that should have left when all the tourists did. Beside her was a fence and, just beyond it, a lush courtyard at the hotel Epi 1959, a glamorous cocoon where beautiful French people kept replenishing barely touched dessert tarts with yet more dessert tarts—lemon meringue, ganache, blueberry. In this tableau vivant, lobsters were bobbing around an outdoor tank, Bill Withers was crooning about how he knew it was “gonna be a lovely day” and every fourth minute plumes of mist were materializing from the bamboo cabanas.

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Article written by: BROOKE MAZUREK

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