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Boyd Exell in the prize of Martello Immobilien Management GMBH & Co. KG on the way to his tenth Aachen victory

The four-in-hand driver, Boyd Exell, has won the Prize of the Richard Talbot Family at the CHIO Aachen no less than nine times. Today, in the Prize of Martello Immobilien Management GmbH & Co. KG, the first of the three phases of the four-in-hand drivers, the Australian driver set the course for his tenth coup.

Boyd Exell (AUS) won the dressage competition of the four-in-hand drivers in the Prize of Martello Immobilien Management GmbH & Co. KG today with a score of 36.32 minus points. The driver from Schleswig-Holstein, Mareike Harm, drove into second place on a score of 42.05 minus point, followed by the Dutch father and son duo, Bram and Ijsbrand Chardon. Whereby Bram finished ahead of his father. Chardon Junior was awarded a score of 42.78 minus points whilst Chardon Senior accumulated a score of 43.32.

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