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Bronc-riding Australian women make history on US roughstock rodeo tour

Two trailblazing Queensland women have made history at world-renowned rodeo events in the United States that have traditionally excluded women.

Rockhampton bronc rider Jaime-Lee Mant and Normanton's Emily Collits joined 10 other women from the US and Canada to show the world what they're made of on the American rodeo circuit.

"If you look at rodeos and if you even say 'rodeo' to anyone, what do you think of?" Collits said.

"It's a cowboy.

"You don't think of a cowgirl getting in there behind the chutes, saddling her horse off, jumping on and getting bucked off."

The daring sport of roughstock bronc riding is one of the toughest and most dangerous events on the rodeo circuit and the women are using their success overseas to push for greater women's participation in the sport on home soil.

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Article written by: Carli Willis

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