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Channel Marie Kondo and Find Joy in a Tidied Up Tack Room

Similar to the multitudes of Netflix viewers last year I, too, fell into the “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” frenzy after watching the hit reality show with the Japanese tidying “expert.” I will confess to having purchased her book a few years ago and let it gather dust as it added to the out-of-control collection of books on my shelves. But the TV show was easy, entertaining, and let’s admit it, we all feel better about our messes after seeing what other people have hidden in their closets.

But why stop with the house? (Or hey, why start? We know horse people basically live in the barn.) I will spare you the details of my neatly folded tee-shirts and get down to the good stuff: tidying up the tack room.

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Article written by: Amber Heintzberger

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