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EA - CEO Statement

5 November 2019

Dear valued members,

It has come to my attention there is some miss-information in the equestrian community that is important to clarify with you regarding;

1. What is the FEI General Assembly (GA) and who attends on behalf of Equestrian Australia (EA)?

The FEI General Assembly acts as a platform for discussions and voting on the major decisions of the FEI and the governance of the sport. It is held in a different location every year, and in 2019 will be held in Moscow (RUS) from 16-19 November.

The Invitation to attend the FEI General Assembly is restricted to Member National Federations and stakeholders only.

As the CEO of Equestrian Australia, I am the person charged to act in the role of Secretary General to represent the best interests of EA and our equestrian sport disciplines at the FEI GA.

2. Is the topic of Hendra in Australia being voted on at the 2019 FEI GA?

No, there is no vote at the 2019 FEI GA to mandate Hendra vaccinations in Australia.

3. What is the role of a person elected via the FEI GA to a Committee, e.g. the Veterinary Committee?

All FEI Committees are skills-based. In regard to the FEI Veterinary Committee please click HERE for a job description of what skills/experience a Member of the Veterinary Committee requires for consideration to be elected.

It is important to note that no person on an FEI Committee is there to represent the view of the Member National Federation where they reside. All FEI Committee members are required to “remain neutral when performing his/her duties as a member and may not represent the interest of any specific stakeholder”.


In the past week, I was disappointed in the behaviour of a few people in our community who used social media to publish negative personal comments regarding an EA staff member. The publications had inaccurate information about the individual's role with EA, and independent role on the FEI Veterinary Committee. There have also been allegations they are attending the FEI GA which are false. I hope the above information clarifies this miss-information for everyone. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone we all need to hold each other accountable to live the values of Equestrian Australia and our Code of Conduct in particular, in this instance I refer;

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in equestrian.
Refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, abuse, violence, intimidation or vilification of others, including via the use of social media
Condemn the use of violence or abuse in any form, whether it is by other spectators, participants, coaches, officials, volunteers or athletes.

Values are demonstrated by behaviours. Let’s live our values of integrity, respect and all be positive role models.

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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