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EA Incident Reporting and Concussion Protocols for All EA Affiliated Clubs and Organising Committees

It's great to see so many EA Affiliated Clubs and Organising Committees being able to participate in equestrian activities and enjoying social horsey days and competitions with family and friends.

A friendly reminder regarding the EA Incident Reporting and Concussion Protocols, as this applies to all EA events and endorsed affiliated club days.

Please reference the EA website for Health and Safety information and updates on a regular basis.

Some Important Reminders:

• EA Concussion Incident Reporting and Return to Sport Protocols are Mandatory from 01.01.2021 (Refer to EA-Concussion Protocol Version 1.1 22.03.2021). These apply to ALL Equestrian Disciplines, Affiliated Clubs and Coaches.

• Concussion Training is currently being provided by EA National Safety Manager on a regular basis via Teams. Please visit the EA website to register. Training includes: process of how to identify a suspected concussion, reporting the incident using Form 08, uploading information into MyEA portal and the importance of a medical certificate to remove an EA member 'Concussion on Hold' status.

• Role of the Medical Service Provider (MSP)

Register as a MSP for EA endorsed equestrian activities and Complete Form 08, by using either the Triplicate Booklet or free electronic Jotform. Click here to order the booklet or access the online form
Remember Form 08 MUST be completed and submitted to within 24 hours of the incident

Note: EA will not accept any other generic incident report form.

• All reported serious incidents will be followed up by the NSM and depending on incident outcomes and severity, a post-incident debrief will occur between the Affiliated Club or the Event Organiser and the EA National Safety Manager (Meredith Chapman). This will typically take place within 7-10 days post-incident.

This post-incident process is critical in improving health and safety within our sport and supporting those who are responding and managing equestrian events and activities.

• For all Serious incidents when an EA Member or non-Member is transferred to hospital for treatment, (including serious horse incidents), please notify the NSM as soon as able on Ph: 0481 162 596

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