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FEI Imposes Costly Changes to Paperless Scoring, Other Digital Innovations at Dressage, Para-Dressage Competitions

The FEI–International Equestrian Federation–has issued requirements that could have the effect of crippling paperless and spectator judging and cause delays on results for most dressage and para-dressage shows in the world.

In what the FEI describes as “the necessary features and technical requirements” of dressage paperless judging, all events involving CDIs for dressage and CPED for para-dressage would have to switch to high grade computer and communications systems dedicated solely to scores. No competition venues anywhere in the world are known to currently have such capabilities.

The requirements are so onerous as to add significant costs for show organizers, some of whom operate on razor-thin margins and could lead to dropping technological improvements that the FEI itself has declared boost fan engagement.

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Article written by: By KENNETH J. BRADDICK

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