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France Bans the Trimming of Whiskers

The French Equestrian Federation (FFE) has followed the example of Germany and Switzerland and banned the trimming of whiskers for horses and ponies competing at FFE endorsed events.

In Germany the trimming of whiskers and ears is prohibited by the German Animal Welfare Law. It states that it does not allow "the trimming the vibrissae around eyes and muzzle as well as clipping or cutting the hairs inside the ears of horses are prohibited." Competitors can be fined if their horses are found unlawfully trimmed or clipped.

France is now following suit. In its 2019 updated version of their general competition rules it has included this stance in section 1.5. titled "The battle against violations on the welfare of ponies and horses"

"Abuse can be defined as intentionally or unintentionally inflicting unnecessary suffering or discomfort to a pony / horse" by "depriving the ponies / horses of their vibrissae, the tactile hairs around the eyes, nose and muzzle." The French rule does not include cutting out the hairs from the horse's ears.

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