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Fresh cobalt science doesn't reach Racing Australia

Equine Veterinarians of Australia president Dr Sam Nugent says he's aware of science that suggests cobalt "bound to vitamin B12" does not enhance performance, despite recommending that Racing Australia maintains its tough stance on the notorious substance.

The national racing authority last month reaffirmed its position in respect to cobalt on the advice of its veterinarians and analysts committee (VAC) and a letter from Dr Nugent, which stated he wasn't aware of any peer reviewed scientific evidence published since 2015 that contradicts RA's position.

In a media release last month, RA stated that its VAC advised "at doses higher than the nutritional requirements for B12 production, cobalt has been demonstrated to stimulate erythropoiesis [red blood cell production] in mammals."

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Article written by: Damien Ratcliffe

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