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Horse Stranded on Vaal River Island Rescued by Brave Heroes in Major ‘Leap of Faith’

A horse stranded for five days on a perilous island in the Vaal River, near Barkly West in the Northern Cape, South Africa, has been rescued by some incredible human heroes, just 24 hours before the tiny island may have been washed away.
The daring and risky rescue involved transporting the stallion to the river bank on a rubber ducky. A helicopter and other rescue options had been considered but time was running out.

With very strong currents today it meant “there was the possibility that there wouldn’t be an island tomorrow morning… so they decided to take a leap of faith and go with a rescue that was maybe a little bit more risky… but to at least try and get the horse to safety,” 9th Day Animal Rescue Centre Founder, Charmaine Booysens, told SAPeople. (9th Day wasn’t involved in the rescue, but helped raise essential awareness.)

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Written by SAPeople

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