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Hughes-Keen, Carline, Kidd Are New Zealand High Performance Dressage Selectors 2021-2024

Helen Hughes-Keen, Margs Carline and Justine Kidd make up the New Zealand’s high performance dressage selection, put in place until after the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Helen Hughes-Keen has been reappointed, and joins chair Margs Carline and Justine Kidd. The panel is responsible for the selections of the dressage High Performance Futures and High Performance squads, as well as international and world championship events.

High performance general manager Jock Paget says it’s an exciting time. “High performance has big plans for dressage, it’s critical to have a quality group of selectors and we are fortunate to have this group. I look forward to working them as the new Dressage High Performance selection team.

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