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Important Update to Body Protector Standards.

The original announcement of the rules change regarding PPE stated that body protectors must be to the EN13158 standard.

For clarification, this rule has been revised and now states that body protectors must be to the EN13158 or BETA Level 3 standard. This standard offers the highest level of body protection within the standard.

The revised rule is as below.

EA apologises for any confusion caused.

538.1.1 Cross-Country Body Protector

Body protectors are compulsory for Cross-Country. A body protector manufactured after 2009 and labelled as complying to one of the following standards is mandatory:

EN13158:2009 Level 3

BETA 2009 Level 3

EN13158:2018 Level 3

BETA 2018 Level 3

Effective 1 July 2019

Read the Full Announcement Here

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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