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Insurance Cover for Events That Are Cancelled or Proceed

For those events that are run under the EA insurance program, we wish to advise of the following:

As the EA insurance program does not include event cancellation insurance, OCs will need to decide whether they refund entry fees should they decide not to hold their event.

The EA Insurance Program includes Public Liability insurance which offers cover to OCs for their legal liability in causing Bodily Injury (including sickness or disease) to a third party, subject of course to normal policy terms and conditions.

OCs are to be aware that it is a requirement of the Public Liability policy that OCs demonstrate Reasonable Care to minimise the risk to any person.

Our advice is that such reasonable care would include following our advice and all Government Health Authorities and taking all other reasonable safety precautions.

For an OC that is not insured through our policy, we recommend that you seek advice from your insurance broker.

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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