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Introduction of Para-Dressage Video Competition

The Equestrian Australia Para-Dressage Video Competition has been started to help make Para Competition as accessible and inclusive as possible.

The Video Competition will be open to all Athletes from Grass Roots and RDA Level right through to International FEI Level.

The Para-Dressage Video Competition allows Athletes to compete under competition conditions in the comfort of their home stable and on a familiar horse.

The Competition is open to all Australian Riders, either within the country or based overseas.

All riders with physical impairments are welcome to compete in the Para-Dressage Video Competition, and classes will be available for both EA/FEI Classified and Unclassified Riders.

Classified Riders are able to compete in a lower grade than their classification if they are not confident or not ready to compete at that level.

Videos will be judged by Accredited Para Equestrian Judges, and the links to the video competition will also be available for Future Judge Education, and possible Talent Spotting by Para-Dressage Selections (PESP) and EA High Performance Management (EA HP)

Money raised from this competition will be put back into Para-Dressage Australia, and used for projects supported by the Equestrian Australia Para-Dressage Committee (EAPDC).

Sharon Jarvis, Para-Equestrian Riders Rep said;

" I am excited about the introduction of the Para-Dressage Video competition. It is a great way to introduce Test riding to riders starting out in the sport and also a great way for competitive riders to test where they are with their training and competition goals."

" Logistics of competing can be somewhat harder for those with a disability and these competitions can be an effective way for those riders to gain more experience without the difficult logistics. It will also be a great way of bringing the riders together to compete without vast distances having to be travelled across our great country."

"I hope the riders make the most of this opportunity provided for them," said Jarvis.

Applications are due on the last day of Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May and July to Stefanie Maraun

Please click here for more information.

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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