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Julie Wilson's "Animals in Focus" exhibition

The latest exhibition at the Waterwheel Gallery, Julie Wilson's "Animals in Focus". Meet Julie this Saturday 17th February at her launch from 1-3pm. The exhibition is on until February the 28th.

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The Waterwheel Warburton

Julie Wilson Equestrian Photography was established in 1994. Since that date Anna Sharpley (Journalist) and I have traveled the World. We have attended the Atlanta, Sydney, Hong Kong and London Olympic Games and the Equestrian World Championships in Rome, Spain, Germany, USA and France and have also covered many of the most famous horse shows and events in England, Europe and North America. Our work appears in every major Australian horse magazine, as well as prestigious international publications, such as Horse International. My photographs have appeared in many books, websites and advertisements. I also supplied images for a series of Australia Post equestrian stamps. Anna and I supply the majority of the editorial work for Australia’s most popular equestrian Magazine and website, Horse Deals. We also cover events around Australia providing proof photos that competitors can purchase.

I live and work from my home in Warburton, a small township about one hour’s drive from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Warburton is a rural area specializing in tourism; it is a beautiful place with the Yarra River running through the centre of town.

My involvement with horses began at an early age when I would gallop bareback on my ponies around the countryside, suffering the occasional tumble on the way. I am now a qualified NCAS Level 1 equestrian coach and have competed successfully in all equestrian disciplines. My experience with horses and all equestrian sport, combined with my skill as a photographer has placed me at the forefront of Australian equestrian photo journalism. Throughout my entire life I have lived alongside numerous pets including dogs, cats, chooks, lambs, ferrets, guinea pigs, lizards, birds and calfs. I have trained a number of dogs to competition level dog obedience.

My interest in photography began while I was doing an Arts course in 6th form at school. After completing my nursing qualifications I then obtained my first job in the photographic industry, taking photos of houses, in those days on film. During this employment I also learnt about photographing weddings, studio portraits, film and print processing and framing. This is where the Wixmore company was formed, specializing in horse photography. This experience gave me a wonderful grounding for running my own business. Chiron Photography is a new venue, which I hope will allow me to spend more time in Warburton.

Chrion Studio is a small purpose built photographic studio specialising in pet images in Warburton located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, 1 ½ hours from Melbourne. I been a professional photographer for 25 years specialising in equestrian photography. I have often been asked to photograph many pets. With limitations to obtain the best images possible using natural light and outdoor locations I am is offering pet owners the opportunity to have their small animals photographed in a professional and safe environment, to produce images that capture the animal’s personality at realistic prices.

My aim is to allow all pet owners to possess a wonderful memory of their animal for years to come and to be treasured long after the loved pet has gone. In the Chiron Studio it has been built with animals in minds, so they cannot escape, if your young dog wants to mark its territory, or if your pet bird takes flight, it is not a drama.

This exhibition show cases a small selection of both pet and equestrian images.

Germany's Daniel Deusser jumped a super round aboard the gelding, 'Cornet D'Amour' in a time of 78.41 seconds to hold seventh place after the first competition. The German Team is in fourth place after day one.

Germany's Daniel Deusser jumped a super round aboard the gelding, 'Cornet D'Amour' in a time of 78.41 seconds to hold seventh place after the first competition. The German Team is in fourth place after day one.

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