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Kerry Mack: "It is Said that You Can Win a Dressage Test on the Short Side. I Agree"

It is said that you can win a dressage test on the short side. I agree. There is no actual mark for the short side. However the short side is where the judge gets a really good look at the frame and paces and the short side is where the rider can really prepare for all the movements. Good preparation will give you the best chance to get the best marks for the movements.

I am including the corners as being a part of the short side. So we ride a corner, a short straight line, and another corner. Then the long side where the movements tend to be placed. In the higher tests we often have a half a short side as we turn down the centre line to do the movements. This half a short side is just as important, and everything discussed about the short side applies to the half a short side in the high level tests.

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