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Magic Millions creates Olympics pathway with world’s most valuable show jumping event

Australia will host the most valuable stand-alone show jumping competition in the world, in hopes it will encourage born and bred talent to stay.

Show jumping in Australia is about to take off with a $1 million event that will be the most valuable stand-alone competition in the world.

“We really want to bring our show jumpers through in Australia and the best way of doing it is to put money on the table,” Magic Millions co-owner Katie Page said ahead of the race day. “A million dollars has never been done in this country.”

Show jumping launched on the Magic Millions polo day on the Gold Coast on Sunday with a nation topping $100,000 in prize money and its success has led to the creation of a $1 million prize pool for the same event next year.

Ms Page said the timing was perfect for young show jumpers aiming to compete in the Paris Olympics in 2024. “We’ve got the runway happening and we couldn’t think of a better way of supporting athletes in this country,” she said.

Her husband and Magic Millions co-owner Gerry Harvey said: “This will put show jumping through the roof. I love that.”

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Article written by: Matthew Benns

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