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Memories of Totilas on 20th Birthday of Black Stallion

Totilas became a superstar for equestrians of all stripes and perhaps millions more enthralled by the horse’s athleticism and entranced by the charisma the black stallion displayed. Live prime time television, adoring crowds and a fascination that brought tears and some carping that it was more circus thaN classical dressage.

The first time this correspondent saw Totilas (Gribaldi x Glendale) was at Small Tour at the World Equestrian Festival of Aachen, Germany in 2008, where Edward and the stallion won the Prix St. Georges on 73.250% and the Intermediate 1 on 72.450%. Cees Visser, the always gentlemanly owner with his wife, Tosca, had bought Totilas to give Edward a mount when he needed one.

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Article written by: KENNETH J. BRADDICK

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