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Message from EA CEO Lucy Warhurst

Dear Members,

Equestrian Australia has released the following statement in response to a story in today’s media regarding allegations of sexual misconduct.

Equestrian Australia (EA) takes allegations of sexual misconduct very seriously. Equestrian Australia has zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the wellbeing of participants at risk.

EA has been made aware, from a third party, of non-specific allegations about inappropriate sexual conduct by an Official. To date, no individual has made any allegations or suggestions, nor has the third party provided any details, which would allow any form of formal investigation to take place.

EA have not ignored the third party’s allegations. EA have, via our lawyers, notified the NSW Police.

EA strongly encourages any affected members to contact the Police and/or the Sport Australia Sexual Misconduct Helpline (1800 ASC HELP).

EA is currently working with Sport Australia to be proactive and extend our current policies with additions in relation to responding to sexual misconduct. EA will continue to communicate widely to our community ensuring our members are aware of our policies and the support available to them.

In addition, Equestrian Australia has today released its ‘Responding to Sexual Misconduct Policy’ as a specific component of our ongoing Member Protection Policy. Through a dedicated support and response framework, Equestrian Australia wishes to ensure that all directors, employees, members and volunteers in Equestrian Australia care can confidentially report sexual misconduct, seek help and be absolutely confident appropriate action will be taken.

The Policy can be viewed here: Click HERE

If you have any questions in relation to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Lucy Warhurst

CEO, Equestrian Australia

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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