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Message from Equestrian Australia A/Chair Alistair MacKinlay

Following the resignations of the three Board members last week the board of Equestrian Australia (EA) met yesterday to determine a way forward and to ensure the ongoing business of EA was not disrupted. I am pleased to say the meeting was constructive and harmonious. In particular I would like to thank Suzanne Doyle the only board member elected prior to the November 2018 AGM for assisting with the transition and keeping a firm hand on the finances in the period of uncertainty.

I was elected Interim Chair to hold office until the 3 new board members are appointed by the Board after consultation with the stakeholders.

It is my intention whilst holding the position to ensure that that the members are kept informed on the decisions of the Board and the activities of EA.

EA, its purpose and activities I am sure is a mystery to some members. Yesterday the most urgent issues the board had to deal with were the nomination process for the replacement directors.

An announcement is currently being made to all members via various electronic media outlets. I would encourage any member who feels they have the skills and qualifications to join the board to submit a nomination. It is hoped the new board will be formed within three to four weeks. In that time we will be seeking the views on the candidates from the State Members. However business goes on!

It is probably useful to describe some of the issues that the Board had on the agenda yesterday so members can understand EA has a strong relevance to delivering benefits and service to members including but not limited to;

  • - Improvement to eventing safety standards
  • - Improving Participating Member safety out of the arena
  • - Ensuring awareness of the protocols for treating concussion
  • - Oversight of our financial progress (Year to date we are at a small surplus)
  • - Monitoring and streamlining our High Performance Program
  • - Securing a national horse traceability program
  • - Progressing the formation of the National Coaching Committee
  • - Discussing streamlining administration of disciplines and their committees
  • - Reviewing the activities of all disciplines (is done on a regular basis)
  • - From this you will see that the emphasis is ensuring that EA continues to provide and deliver services to its Participating Members through the State Branches. In that respect the board will be meeting with the States in the near future to discuss closer cooperation and to understand where EA may improve its services.

Yours sincerely,

Alistair MacKinlay

A/Chair Equestrian Australia

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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