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New rules and identification for EA Registered Stallions

EA is continually focussed on improving member safety and horse welfare.

After extensive consultation with key stakeholders including senior riders, state branches and EA’s National Safety Officer, the stallion guidelines have been updated.

View the Stallion Safe Practice Policy here

While guidelines have been in place since 2011, from 1 July 2018, the new Stallion Rules will be implemented*. It will be compulsory for stallions at EA sanctioned events to wear an EA-branded leather bridle numbers so they can be clearly identified.

Manufactured by respected equestrian leather company Hamag, they do not hamper the horse’s vision or negatively affect its head carriage in any way. The new rules mean riders will no longer have both a bridle number holder and disc on the bridle, making it less cluttered and more recognisable.

Improving stallion visibility will help protect the well-being of those around them.

The introduction of this rule to improve stallion visibility is another positive step towards delivering on our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, to develop policies to manage and monitor member safety.

CEO Equestrian Australia Paula Ward said, “It’s of vital importance that we work with our community to move the sport forward while ensuring the safety of all involved is paramount. The introduction of these rules takes out any ambiguity there may have been from the guidelines and ensures stallions can be easily noticeable”.

The new identification items can be purchased HERE.

*The Sport rules will be updated with the new stallion safe practice rules & regulations in the next rule updates due July 2018

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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