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New start for weeks-old foal found trying to suckle from her dead mother

A tiny foal found trying to suckle from her dead mother has found a safe home, and a foster mum, thanks to a south Wales charity.

When the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust was alerted to the filly’s predicament by a worried walker in March, staff “knew they had to respond with the utmost urgency”.

“What greeted us were the saddest most heart-wrenching scenes; a tiny foal all alone and hungry, still trying to feed from her thin dead mother on the ground,” said Lluest equine manager Dionne Schuurman.

The charity’s welfare team, and vets from Dyffryn Tywi Equine Clinic, managed to guide the foal, thought to be two or three weeks old, over bridges and fences, back to the sanctuary.

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Article written by: Eleanor Jones

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