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Phillip Dutton updates fans on Fernhill Singapore after his fall on Maryland 5 Star cross-country

Phillip Dutton has given an update on the condition of Fernhill Singapore, who fell near the end of the cross-country at Maryland 5 Star yesterday (Saturday, 16 October).

Lying ninth after dressage, Phillip and Fernhill Singapore were the last pair of the day to tackle the course and looked set for a good completion, but came down at the white Groundhog Garden Gate at fence 24. Phillip could be seen up on his feet after the fall, but Fernhill Singapore stayed down initially and fans were understandably anxious about him.

However, Phillip has shared good news on his social media accounts, saying: “We were close to home when [Fernhill Singapore] unfortunately hit the small white gate, and we both came down. He was winded for a few minutes but has cooled down well now. We will live to fight another day!”

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Article written by: Pippa Roome

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