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Pony Club: It’s Not Just About the Riding

New Values awards recognise other member talents

Pony Club is not just about learning to ride, ribbons and competition.

Pony Club Australia is excited to announce the introduction of three Values awards for members. This is a way members can be recognised for their work for – or interest in - the community, creating sustainable solutions, or caring for horses and others.

The three badges, which can be sewn on jumpers or shirts, are for ‘Sustainability Champion’, ‘Welfare Warrior’ and ‘Community Captain’. These awards are available not just for riding members, but volunteers and supporter memberships as well.

CEO Dr Catherine Ainsworth said the awards are not competitive, but designed to recognise all members who do extraordinary work in the areas of sustainability, inclusion and horse welfare.

“This is a way of encouraging members to think about social and environmental sustainability, or animal and human welfare, and come up with ideas and solutions to bring about improvement. We are proud to recognise these talents. There is no limit on the numbers we will award each year – they are based on extraordinary achievement worthy of recognition.”

Pony Club Australia is the longest running equestrian organisation in Australia. Sustainability Champions undertake projects which ensure the long-term environmental and/or social sustainability of Pony Club. The recipient's impact and achievements will be demonstrated through a specific project, activity or innovation. The PCA Sustainability Champion award will recognise extraordinary efforts above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a Pony Club Australia member.

Community Captains have the ability to make others feel safe, valued and included. They are ambassadors for the community spirit that unites the international Pony Club movement. The PCA Community Captain recognition award is based on a specific project, activity or innovation. Recipients will show an extraordinary effort above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a Pony Club Australia member.

The Welfare Warrior recognition award is awarded to PCA members who put the horse’s health and wellbeing needs before their own on a notable occasion, or delivered a project that addresses the mental and physical aspects of horse welfare and wellbeing across one or more of the following areas: nutrition, health, environment, behaviour and human interaction.

More information:
Dr Catherine Ainsworth
CEO, Pony Club Australia
M: 0438 174 222

Bronwyn Wheatley
Marketing and Development Officer, Pony Club Australia
M: 0423 823 190

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