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Record numbers for showjumping championships at Tumby Bay

The Showjumping Championships held at Tumby Bay on October 17 and 18 was a huge success with record number of spectators and competitors.

Ideal weather and the jumping surface in prime condition, course designer Andrew Paech assisted by Bill Parker, built beautiful flowing tracks resulting in excellent jumping and competition through out the weekend.

Judging was Gareth Heron and Sue Heath with many members timetabled to assist.

Five competitiors travelled from Adelaide areas to compete delighting all with the fine exhibition of jumping especially in the higher grades.

Many classes were only determined be the time and within a second of each other. The 105cm and Encourage Championships went to three rounds.

The annual Horseman's Night was held on Saturday evening with a "2020 what a year" theme.

Perpetual trophies were awarded and the club is commended for their organization of jumping on Eyre Peninsula having had a very successful year despite COVID restrictions.



40cm Encourage - double clear rounds: 1. Hollywood Miss, Natasha Paul; 2. Toolilie Winona, Monique Pugsley.

Platinum Hair FX 60cm: 1. Midge, Deb Henderson; 2. Essence and Restraint, Angie McGeever; 3. Gerald, Stella Siegert.

Bawdens Rural Trading 80cm: 1. Fleetwood Road, Robyne May; 2. Essence and Restraint, Angie McGeever; 3. Floyd, Mel Glover.

La Mode Hairstylists 95cm: 1. Fleetwood Road, Robyne May; 2. Sonic Quest, Robyne May; 3. Willy, Karen Hurrell.

Cummins Meat Store 105cm: 1. Lunar Rhythm, Brooke Spencer; 2. Striking Copper, Scott Davey; 3. Rifling, Ashleigh Rigney.

A and R Tumby Roadhouse 110cm: 1. Mr Temptation, Sarah Owen; 2. Charlie Spirit, Hayley Dorward; 3. Peach Bellini, Darcy Watkins.

Tumby Bay Concrete 120cm: 1. Painted Cash, Delia Cleary; 2. Law Abiding Citizen, Ashleigh Rigney.

Bascombe AutoAg Under 21 President's Cup: 1. Lunar Rhythm, Brooke Spencer; 2. Billara Woodbine, Regan O'Brien; 3. IPH Bounceback, Regan O'Brien.

Bruce Branford Senior President's Cup: 1. Nalima MPH, Nicole Bruggemann; 2. Peach Bellini, Darcy Watkins; 3. Romley Quizmaster, Nicole Bruggemann; 4. Iceman, Darcy Watkins.


Mills and Davey 100cm ORS: 1. Bright Eyes NZ, Sarah Hurrell; 2. Essence and Restraint, Angie McGeever; 3. Fleetwood Road, Robyne May.

Port Lincoln Real Estate 110cm ORS: 1. Lunar Rhythm, Brooke Spencer; 2. Billara Woodbine, Regan O'Brien; 3. Striking Copper, Scott Davey.

Bruce Mills 60cm ORS: 1. Dreamy, Jessica Crisp-Trowbridge; 2. Midge, Deb Henderson; 3. Cody, Jessica Crisp-Trowbridge.

Vets on Eyre 75cm ORS: 1. Midge, Deb Henderson; 2. Gerald, Stella Siegert; 3. Joop, Mel Glover.

Domino's Pizza Port Lincoln 105c Championships: 1. Rifling, Ashleigh Rigney; 2. Mr Temptation, Sarah Owen; 3. Painted Cash, Delia Cleary; 4. Bright Eyes NZ, Sarah Hurrell.

SK Heath Junior Championships: 1. PH Bounceback, Regan O'Brien, 2. Billara Woodbine, Regan O'Brien.

Lock Ag Senior Championships: 1. Peach Belini, Darcy Watkins; 2. Nalima MPH, Nicole Bruggemann; 3. Iceman, Darcy Watkins; 4. Romley Quizmaster, Nicole Bruggemann.

Gavin Traeger Encourage Championships: 1. Essence and Restraint, Angie McGeever; 2. Sonic Quest, Robyne May; 3. Gerald, Angie McGeever, 4. Floyd, Mel Glover.

Dempsey's Feed and Saddlery Junior Most Points: Billara Woodbine, Regan O'Brien.

Dempsey's Feed and Saddlery Senior Most Points: Lunar Rhythm, Brooke Spencer.

Lincoln Veterinary Centre Best Presented Senior: Essence and Restraint, Angie McGeever.

Evolution Animal Care Best Presented Junior: Oxley, Taylah Haire.

Evolution Animal Care Lucky Square: Jack Pugsley.

Horseman's Night Trophy Presentation

Boylan Cup (senior horse and rider most points): Legalos, Andrew Mills.

Carr-LeBrun Cup (junior horse and rider most points): Billara Woodbine, Regan O'Brien.

Traeger Trophy (horse with most clear rounds): Lunar Rhythm, Brooke Spencer.

Best Novice Horse (horse gaining most points in first year of official competition): IPH Bounceback, Regan O'Brien.

Pine Country Blaze Memorial Trophy (most points for junior combination in unofficial classes): Oxley, Taylah Haire.

Henry Memorial Trophy (most points for senior combination in unofficial classes): Midge, Deb Henderson.

Junior Incentive award: Monique Pugsley.

Junior Most Improved Rider: Regan O'Brien.

Senior Most Improved Rider: Brooke Spencer.

EPSJC Club Person - Bill Parker

Most Spectacular Fall: Mel Glover.

Article courtesy of Australian Community Media and the Port Lincoln Times

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