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Scammer update

Unfortunately we have been alerted to what appears to be another Scammer in the last couple of days targeting saddle and float advertisers again. The standard email has been circulating:


My Name is Mrs Janet and Thanks for your response. I am so sorry for not responding back to your message on time it was due to being busy with work, good to know the ( float ) is still available for sale and still in good condition as it was described on the advert. I want you to know i have a courier company that will come for the pick up of the float and i will let you know all arrangement as soon as the payment is made to you, so you don't have to bother your self shipping the float, i will handle the shipping expenses. I am an oceanographer and am presently working on sea due to my status of work, i won't be able to view the goods but i will be okay with pictures if available and i will be happy to purchase it from you, no return or any complain. I have already view the item on horse deal and am very happy to purchase it from you. I would have called you over the phone to talk more better, but phone is not allowed on sea here. I can only text you or email you, and i hope you understand that?

I would like to let you know that I will be making making payment to you through Pay pal because my bank account is linked to my Pay pal account and Pay pal is a secured method of payment for both of us to use.

I will like you to send me your pay pal money request direct to my verified Pay pal email address which is so that i can proceed with the payment, and if you don't have an account with Pay Pal, You can easily set up an account with them by going to their official website :www.

I will look forward to hear from you.

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