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Scott Hayes Denies Mismanagement of Laura Graves Clinic Funds, Says Events Canceled Due to Lack of Ticket Sales

Scott Hayes has denied any mismanagement of funds of clinics organized in Canada for Laura Graves and said an event scheduled for Calgary, Alberta this weekend was canceled because of lack of ticket sales.

Scott, who lives in Canada, said that Laura Graves, the top United States rider on her Verdades, had been paid in full for a clinic in Langley, British Columbia in June and a deposit made for the Calgary event.

However, he said, only 15 tickets were sold for the Calgary clinic and Laura and her agent were notified Aug. 8 of the cancellation, fulfilling a requirement for 30 days’ notice.

“The tickets did not sell well in Calgary,” he said of the event organized by his SH Production, Inc., “and we could not take the risk.”

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