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Showjumpers smash Eventers at Wallaby Hill

Under perfect blue southern highland skies, the hotly contested and highly entertaining Eventers vs Showjumpers competition at the stunning Wallaby Hill certainly did not disappoint this year. Combining wild costumes, great music, rarely seen rainbow coloured Grand Prix and Olympic horses and even a zebra – this was one event that will not be forgotten for a while!

It wasn’t all about looks though – this was one tough competition which attracted some of Australia’s top riders from both the jumping and eventing worlds, including Olympic greats, Stuart Tinney and Shane Rose. The 1.25m Brad Longhurst track certainly presented some challenges with a mix of show jumps and eventing jumps to provide combinations with the opportunity to ‘do it their way’.

The highly contested Table C speed class attracted 38 combinations, with time being the key. Stuart Tinney went back to his youth in his 70’s outfit (we are not convinced he ever had that much hair though!) and posted the first clear on Wanda in a time of 76.82.

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