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Social Media Toxicity - Facebook, the Battleground for Keyboard Warriors

Yesterday, Eurodressage posted an article about Australian paralympian Emma Booth receiving the ride on two of Maree Tomkinson's horses in an effort to qualify for the 2022 World Para Championships in Herning this summer.

Eurodressage selected a photo which Booth/Tomkinson themselves had chosen as illustration to announce the news. It shows Emma riding Friday. The horse is in a nice uphill frame, poll the highest point and soft in the contact. Booth, who became paraplegic after a near fatal car accident in 2013, leans backwards in the saddle as she has not the same core strength as able bodied riders and this keeps her balanced in the saddle. The horse shows no hinderance from her seat.

Please click here to read the rest of the article as it appears on the Eurodressage website.

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