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Sophia Obel Jorgensen Wins Kur Gold at the 2022 European Junior Riders Championships

The 2022 European Junior and Young Riders Championships came to a conclusion in Hartpury (GBR) on Saturday afternoon 30 July 2022 with the Kur to Music finale for junior riders. Denmark's Sophia Obel Jorgensen surprisingly stormed to the top and collected the kur gold medal while home favourite Annabelle Pidgley got silver. The sensation of the afternoon was Mathilde Juglaret mounting the bronze step of the podium, a historic achievement for France.

Saturday's action packed day at Hartpury equine college began with the Young Riders freestyle final in the morning and atypically the lower level junior Kur in the afternoon. Level-wise this was not truly working towards a climax. In the background the cross country phase for the European junior and young Riders eventing championships took place and brought afoot a larger crowd that also came to watch dressage.

The overcast sky had been the dominant weather type the entire week, but temperatures were perfect for horse sport (21 C°) and only during the junior finale the weather changed with some rain drizzling down. It did not spoil the fun as the rain fell just for a short moment and the medal ceremony took place in good conditions.

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