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Super Fibre Based Feed Innovation - for our horses

Super Fibre Based Feed Innovation - for our horses.


Here at Benchmark Horse Feeds our goal was to create a new range of complete feeds that are in harmony with the horses’ natural digestive system. By including highly fermentable super fibres as our hero ingredient across our feed range, we are acknowledging that a horse’s well-being is directly dependent on supporting healthy gut function and maintaining a balanced microbiome.

What we know - horses have evolved as fibre eaters and they have a sophisticated, fermentation driven, hind gut digestive system. Highly fermentable soy hulls are an efficient energy source that don’t create behavioural issues in grain sensitive horses.

What we believe - we believe that generally the more natural the diet, the healthier the horse. We believe that the dependency on grains and grain by - products in modern horse feeds can be detrimental to good health.

Why Benchmark Feeds are different - by including high levels of super fibres, pre and pro-biotics and natural antioxidants across the range we have been able to deliver a truly remarkable range of feeds that deliver optimal nutrition without the dependency on grain starch and sugar.

PERFECT MASH - is a low-carb complete cool feed rich in highly fermentable super fibre.

ACHIEVE -SPORT - nutritional muscle when performance is paramount.

SUPER FIBRE MASH - is a nourishing fibre addition to any equine feed.

INVEST - is the smart feed investment for your horse’s future growth and development.

CoolAZ™ - is a complete feed for pleasure or show horses, pony club mounts and horses spelling or on paddock rest.

GOLDEN OLDIES™ - for the best in nutritional aged care for much loved horses and ponies

WE GET IT – much has been said about the special characteristics of the equestrian community. “Horse people” may have diverse interests and disciplines yet we all share common values and an empathy that draws us to the animal we love so much. Let’s face it, once you form a relationship with a horse there is no turning back. At Benchmark our values and drivers are personal - we care deeply about our products, our customers and of course the horses. Our mission is to demonstrate this is at every opportunity.

We’d love to answer any questions you have so please do contact us via our website or our Facebook page

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