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Sydney International Horse Trials 2018

In response to recent questions and comments, Sydney International Horse Trials wanted to confirm what classes we are planning to run at our 2018 event.

This year Sydney International Horse Trials will be running 1, 2 and 3* CCI classes along with EvA 105 and 95 classes, as well as 4, 5 and 6 year old Young Event Horse. We will not be running CIC classes.

Last year the EA National Eventing Committee and High Performance asked that Sydney 3DE be moved to be six weeks before Melbourne 3DE. To facilitate this and to provide the best possible opportunity for riders to gain qualifications for our important CCI events, as well as selection for WEG and the Olympic Games, NSW Event Organising Committees made considerable changes for the 2018 calendar – Sydney 3DE and Equestriad CIC moved forward in April, Quirindi 3DE moved back in July, Albury CIC moved from their usual April date to October and Sydney and Scone stepped up to include CIC classes. All these changes were published in the November 2017 Eventer magazine and on the Eventing NSW web site.

As result of the cancellation of Scone CIC due to drought conditions, Berrima and Wallaby Hill are joining forces to conduct a CIC3* class later this month. This means that NSW now has 8 CIC events in 2018 that are scheduled as lead ups to the CCIs at Sydney, Melbourne, Quirindi, Adelaide and Wallaby Hill.

This year Sydney is gratefully welcoming some new sponsors to our event. We are especially keen to ensure that they get the recognition and prestige that they deserve, and as such we will be focusing on the CCI competition.

In future years, we hope that this event will continue to be seen as a critical event in the calendar for our riders to gain their MER's for international selection.

Find us on FB and Instagram at Sydneyhorsetrials #SYDHT
When: 27-29 April 2018
Where: The Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Saxony Rd, Horsley Park 2175
VIP Tickets: Buy tickets online at Eventbrite
Information: Please see for the full schedule of events
Contact: Please contact Nicky Lyle at or ph 0404 496 182


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