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Ten 'must haves' for competition - Lucy Alati

Story from March 2019 Horse Deals magazine.

Lucy pictured on her horse CJP His Lordship.<br>
Photo: Flash Pony

Lucy pictured on her horse CJP His Lordship.
Photo: Flash Pony

• Style your hair - I have some beautiful hair accessories from Boutique Equines. I plait it at the sides and then at the back. Twist it into a knot and cover with a beautiful hair net with pearls. Add a crystal and pearl hair band. Then a few sparkling pins complete the polished look.

• KEP helmet - I designed a KEP helmet that I keep just for competitions. It must always be clean and without a scratch. I love how it is shiny with bling and has a white chin strap.

• Clean horse - My current horse has white socks. I clip them a couple of weeks before a competition so that the hair is short but doesn’t look freshly clipped. I scrub the white socks with Sard Wonder Soap that I get from the supermarket. It is the best for keeping them looking clean and white.

• Shiny spray - When I have my horse groomed and tacked up, I like to spray some World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner over my horse to make him look glossy and shiny.

• White warm up boots - I like to use PEI Air-Teque boots because they offer protection, look good and are easy to put on and take off.

• Black De Niro top boots - De Niro are my favourite brand of top boots. I like the quality of the leather and they are super comfortable and stylish.

• Fitted competition shirt and jacket - I think it is important to have a shirt and jacket that is well fitted and complements your body shape. I love my Spooks competition jacket because it is light, breathable and doesn’t restrict me when I ride.

• Bling browband - This is a must have! A good quality leather bridle is made special by a bling browband with high quality crystals. Good quality crystals last forever and always look bright.

• Matching accessories - All other items of tack must match and be stylish. My whip, number holders, gloves and stock all have something special about them and all tie in together. Bling must not be overdone but there should be some detail about the accessories that make them look special.

• Saddle - Last but not least is my saddle, an Equipe Bocelli. It is important to have a saddle that keeps me in the best position and suits my horse’s shape. Kathryn from The Saddlefitter makes sure I am comfortable and can perform at my best with regular checks throughout the year.

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