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The billionaire whose plan helped save a town from bushfire

When the Currowan fire hit the biggest equestrian centre on the NSW South Coast before Christmas, evacuation was out of the question for its owner Terry Snow.

Willinga Park, surrounded by Meroo and Murramarang national parks, spans 2000 acres with Olympic-sized equestrian arenas as well as native gardens with over 11,000 trees. Mr Snow, who is the chairman of Capital Airport Group and has a holiday home in Bawley Point, had long been planning for a fire event like this.

"We couldn’t evacuate. It couldn’t be done – we’ve got 650 cattle, 120 horses and 30 staff," he said. "We weren’t naive, we’d been expecting and preparing for years and always engaged a fire consultant. We followed his advice to the letter and were so grateful that we did."

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Article written by: Amelia McGuire

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