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Tokyo 2020 Australian Jumping Team Selection Statement

Equestrian Australia (EA) has received a number of enquiries regarding the selection process for the Tokyo 2020 Australian Jumping Team.

Throughout the selection process all qualification and nomination policies were diligently adhered to when considering potential combinations. The selection process is extensive and thorough, taking into account all aspects of the Tokyo 2020 Australian Jumping Nomination Criteria, and is approved by the Australian Olympic Committee. It also provides an avenue for athlete appeals.

It should be noted that the FEI World Athlete Rankings are not included in the Tokyo 2020 Nomination Criteria, as points for these rankings are accumulated solely by the athlete, meaning they may be accrued with numerous horses. All Australian Equestrian Team Olympic Nomination Criteria is combination focussed.

We confirm that a conflict of interest was disclosed at the beginning of the selection process, and this conflict was declared and managed in accordance with the EA Conflict of Interest Policy.

The integrity of the selection process, and the National Selectors themselves, is of the utmost importance to EA. We continue to support the process, the relevant outcome and our National Selectors with confidence in the knowledge that all policies and procedures were carefully followed.

We wish our Tokyo 2020 Australian Jumping Team the best of luck at the Games and a safe journey to Tokyo where we have no doubt they will do Australia proud.

Article courtesy of Equestrian Australia

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