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Tragedy and hope for Mathew Brockhurst, a paraplegic cattleman

They got the job done far earlier than they expected, and one could even say their 4am wake-up may have been a little too keen.

But there is never an end to the list of jobs "station life" gives you when you first walk through the door, so 4am was probably still a good call.

Mathew Brockhurst wiped his brow, smearing sweat and bull dust across his already grubby face, his hat was resting on a cocked knee as he and his girlfriend Alice Purcell sprawled out under a tree sweaty and covered in dirt.

They had just finished processing a mob of cattle and were sharing a brief reprieve from the heat of the day.

It was around 2pm on November 4, 2021, and the harsh central Queensland sun was glaring through the leaves of the tree the couple was sitting under, casting a checked shadow over their grubby clothes.

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Article written By Hugo Rikard-Bell

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