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Valegro “Loving” Retirement at Home Four Years On, Reports Alan Davies

ALAN DAVIES, known as Super Groom as the longtime caregiver of Carl Hester’s horses, provides an update on Valegro, now 18 years old and four years on from retirement after a career in which the KWPN gelding ridden by Charlotte Dujardin collected Olympic, world and European gold medals and posted record scores at all three Grand Prix divisions that still stand.

Blueberry is loving his retirement, he has settled into a more relaxed way of life , with more time in the paddock , next to his old friend Uthopia (ridden by Carl as team mates of Charlotte and Valegro on the historic British gold medal team in London in 2012).

They both know they are still superstars in my eyes. I always feed them first in the morning, or there is a lot of shouting going on.

Blueberry still watches me all the time, his eyes follow me around the yard, keeping a check on what I am doing.

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