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Weir’s case shows up racing’s lack of integrity

The case of Melbourne Cup winning horse trainer Darren Weir? We’re going to get to that in a sec.

Just before we do however, let me ask you, when it comes to sports ensuring their own integrity which one do you think is the top of the pile?

Surely it has to be golf where time and again you see golfers who make even the smallest errors, report themselves, fall on their swords, apologise and as often as not pull out. No-one blinks – it’s just what’s done and woe betide anyone who is found to have gone outside the rules in even the tiniest ways and hasn’t turned themselves into the nearest official.

But now to the worst of sports, the ones where it appears that not only do many of the major participants have no interest in preserving the integrity of their own sport, but neither do the authorities who run it.

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Article written by: Peter FitzSimons

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