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When 28 horses were found submerged in freezing floodwater, a 24-hour rescue mission began in the Hunter Valley

When Liz Hall saw a photo of three horses waist-deep in floodwaters, covered in heavy rugs and trapped by fencing on Friday, she asked Facebook, "How on Earth is this OK?"

Then she knew she needed to act.

The horses were on a property in Millers Forest in the Hunter Valley region of NSW — an area where Ms Hall used to live.

Four floods have hit the area since 2015, and the recent heavy rains have put many properties under water again.

"I've had a lot of experience sadly in evacuating horses in flood situations," Ms Hall said.

She was heartbroken to see the photo of the horses huddled together in the water.

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Article written By Dale Drinkwater, Wing Kuang, and Yasmin Parry

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