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Zonik Died Unexpectedly

Edward Gal's former Dutch team horse and licensed breeding stallion Zonik died unexpectedly. He had to be euthanized following an injury in the recovery box after an operation.

Zonik was a 13-year old Danish warmblood stallion by Zack out of Romanik (by Romanov). He was bred by Linette Jaeger in Denmark.

Danish Start

As a 3-year old Zonik became a premium stallion at the 2011 Danish warmblood licensing and finished third at the 35-day stallion performance test in Vilhelmsborg with a score of 8.35 points that same year.

Under Andreas Helgstrand he became the 2012 Danish Young Horse Champion at the Young Horse Nationals in Odense, Denmark, mid October 2012.

Sold to Glock

In December 2012 Zonik sold to Austrian Gaston Glock and the horse moved to the Netherlands to Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud.

The stallion was first competed by Hans Peter, who rode him to an 8th place in the consolation finals at the 2013 World Young Horse Championships in Verden.

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